• Our Oceans Are Already Under too Much Pressure.


  • Community Rights to Free Prior & Informed Consent.


  • There Is Very Little Known About Deep Sea Ecosystems.



The South Pacific Ocean is Currently the World’s Laboratory for the Experiment of Deep Sea Mining.

With over 1.5 million square kilometres of ocean floor already under exploration leasehold the
world’s first licence to operate a deep sea mine has been granted in Papua New Guinea to Canadian company Nautilus Minerals.
There is a high level of uncertainty about the risks deep seabed mining poses to marine environments and communities.

Investor alert: Deep sea mining project in last-ditch search for capital

Banks and other investors warned to steer clear
In a last ditch bid to rescue its experimental deep sea mining project Nautilus Minerals largest shareholders form new company to secure funding.
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Former Attorney General of Papua New Guinea warns potential investors – Nautilus is a risky deal!

MEDIA RELEASE | 19 October 2017
Sir Arnold Amet, former Attorney General and Minister for Justice of PNG joins growing opposition against Nautilus Minerals Solwara 1 deep sea mining project.
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Constitutional Right to Key Documents on Experimental Seabed Mining

MEDIA RELEASE | Tuesday 3rd October 2017
Coastal Communities in Papua New Guinea have formally requested that the PNG Government make public key documents relating to the licensing and the environmental impacts of the Solwara 1 deep sea mining project by October 18 or face the prospect of legal proceedings.
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Nautilus Giant Seabed Mining Machines Will Wreak Havoc

29 September 2017
Canadian company Nautilus is busy showing off its seabed mining machinery to a small select group of people from New Ireland and East New Britan. PNG landowners and community leaders are unimpressed - no consent given.
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NAUTILUS AGM: Solwara 1 Deep Sea Mining Venture Remains a Speculative Pipe Dream

Media Release | June 28, 2017
At its annual general meeting in Vancouver last week, wannabe deep sea miner Nautilus Inc failed to inspire shareholders with confidence in its Solwara 1 venture in Papua New Guinea
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Nautilus to go under before reaching the ocean floor

IMAGE: Participants at the Seabed Mining Forum in Namatanai, New Ireland Province, PNG calling for a ban on Seabed Mining in PNG & the Pacific. June 8th, 2017
Nautilus braces itself for yet another AGM of excuses and bad news for investors. The wannabe deep sea miner is still struggling to convince financiers that its Solwara 1 deep sea mine is more than a sci fi pipe dream.
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The Last Frontier

Pacific Network on Globalisation
The Last Frontier, a documentary series focusing on experimental seabed mining, an imminent venture in the Pacific. This documentary presents the situation in Papua New Guinea (PNG).